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"And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years."

 Abraham Lincoln

2014/2015 School Year
Admissions Information for New Students


Sunday, April 12th (2pm to 4pm) OPEN HOUSE
Ask about our unique curriculum and annual activities. It's easy to envision your family here, at Hearthstone! One call, one visit and you're on your way!

Students are admitted throughout the school year on a rolling basis. The general process for enrollment is easy and affordable, with these three initial steps:
  • Request and read our information packet

  • Tour the school, meet the staff

  • Have your child meet with our teachers and students

Note: We are pleased to assist families with tuition through our Tuition Adjustment Program, available for all grades, Nursery through Grades 12. Schedule an appointment to get started with your questions on our fees, curriculum and annual commitment.

Hearthstone welcomes students of every race, color, gender, religion, ethnicity or national origin.


Hearthstone strives to guide and nurture the student's head, heart, and hands. It is an education that stimulates the intellect and nurtures the spirit, respecting the individuality and beauty of each child. Hearthstone is a parent cooperative. This is not merely a school to send children to: it is a community and commitment for the whole family.

We see Hearthstone as a living organism, which needs active participation and support from all of its members ~ parents, teachers, students and friends.

The Core Council, a group of six to eight leaders, meets every week throughout the year.

Recommendations for the school are brought before Core Council for review, and decisions on the operation of the school are brought to the membership for a vote.

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